My Art in general

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jesus preaching on the Beatitudes done in graphite.

Saturday, December 7, 2013
Here I want to show you what art I have done besides the Zentangle art I show on the other page.

Julia Roberts' Portrait - using graphite pencils in my sketchbook.

These are freehand drawings using graphite pencils in my sketch book from a picture.  Upper one is of a boat house and bait shop.  The bottom is of some of the seagull population along the ocean.

This drawing is one I did while using a book of Michael Angelo's sculptures and paintings as a model.  The rendition is a painting he did and called it "Cleopatra".  He has her pictured with snakes crawling all over and around her....don't think that would be a very real way she lived; only symbolic.


  1. I just love these, especially the sketches with the boat and the gulls. So charming and peaceful! Kierstan

    1. Thank you, Kierstan. When are you having another beginning class?? Please let me know.