Monday, July 17, 2017


Done by Duane Anderson, Certified Zentangle Teacher.  Want to attend a class?  Call or email (look in my profile).

I have some pics of tangles as the Diva's Challenge in DC#325 for you to peruse.  Guest Diva, Jessica Davies told us to do Peanuckle in today's challenge.  In fact, I did two tiles with Peanuckle along with a couple different tangles.  Let me know what you all think of these, OK?

In this one I made Peanuckle with shading and also a bit of General's white chalk to enhance things; also I added Ambler all around.
And in contestant #2 I drew Marasu in the middle of a bunch of Peanuckle.  All shaded and I used white chalk on this one to set off Marasu a bit.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


    Well, here we are on July 11th (I know, I am a day late) and posting to the Diva Challenge #324.  Our Guest Diva, Jessica Davies, told us to do a heart tangle / tile.  I would like to say that she has recently recovered from a heart problem and so we commemorate her victory with heart drawings.  Congratulations and well wishes from me and my wife, DeAnna.

I decided to not do just one heart but two, to show my love for my bride of 31 years and to depict our love with "Two Hearts Beating As One", as I inscribed on my tile below:

I used Onamato, Zinger, Reticula of Tripoli, flux, Poke Root, and Fescu.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


The Diva, before she signed off for the summer, said we should do a tile that commemorates our homes.  To me there is no greater honor than to recognize my country as my home.  The United States of America has been my home since birth.  I made the decision early in life that I wanted to serve her in anyway I could, so I joined the Navy at 18 years of age and stayed for a career of 30 years.  The United States is a world power now that not that long ago was subservient to the monarchy of England.   241 years ago this land revolted from that monarchy and form of government and declared independence.  It is recognized that was July 4, 1776 that a lot of brave men put their names to the document of the Declaration of Independence and sent it across the Atlantic Ocean to the King of England.  If the revolution had failed, the people whose names are on that document would have been put to death as traitors to the Crown.  That is why I revere those men so much; they took that responsibility on themselves for that action.

My tile for this week commemorates for me this sentiment:

Mooka as the standard bearer holding up the Flag of the United States of America with fireworks going off in the distance and a pile of cannon balls in the foreground.  Zentangle and the US makes a good pair.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


July 2, 2017

I thought everybody might like a look at some of my tiles that I have made since being back from CZT training.

This is Danette Smith's rotatable easel
and you can go to her website by clicking
on the easel in the top right corner of
my blog.  It's a great drawing tool which has
relieved my shoulder and neck pain while

Monday, June 26, 2017


June 26, 2017  
This one is my Diva Challenge for today DC#322.  I have Aquafleur, Printemps, Zinger, and Mooka all playing nicely together.

Read on for my CZT #28 class report

Duane has graduated from Zentangle CZT class #28 in Providence, RI.  I have also returned home just in time for the Diva Challenge #322.  I had a really great time in Providence.  I was one of two male students in the class.  Everyday I got to say "I went to dinner with 121 women at the same time."  I loved that.  I even called my wife and told her....she is so good natured, she laughed...and I said, "No, really."  It was the truth, we all ate our meals on the floor where our classroom (the Grand Ball Room of the Biltmore) was right after class each day.   We literally took over the top 2 floors of the hotel.  This was the nicest hotel I have ever been at.  Every one of the staff went out of their way to take care of us.  Those of you who said it would be a magical time was absolutely correct !!   It was a fantastic experience and I will never forget it.  It inspired me so much that now I want to teach this method to anyone who will listen and I want to do it for as long as I am able....I probably got 20 to 30 good years yet  as long as I live to be 100.

If you are not a CZT, you owe it to yourself to go to Seminar.  It is the greatest.
Zentangle, Inc.  from right to left, Molly, Martha, Rick, Maria, Julie and Maria's sisters.
Some of the ladies in my class 

Some more ladies --  Ladies, ladies everywhere.
But I was not complaining, you understand. 

This is when Rick and Maria were handing out our diplomas.  He's way back in the back of the room.
Here's Maria and I

Molly and I

Me just being silly taking a picture with wings.

Those wings mean something to me.  They mean that Zentangle has given me wings to accomplish a dream of mine; and that is to teach this great and wonderful relaxation and meditational method of drawing (since Art is a passion with me).  I want to help others learn to be able to handle anything in life with a little time to themselves to destress and be able to handle anything that comes along.  We learned meditation while drawing from Molly.  She is a great teacher, even one so young.  Maria is a hoot.  She is nowhere and all of a sudden her voice can be heard on the loudspeaker interrupting Rick on one point or another.  Then she is all over the place, flitting from one spot to another like a little butterfly.  She has a speaking voice that can not be matched (and she said she used to be too shy to talk to a group).  Both of them are great teachers right alongside Molly.  This team was made in heaven, I am convinced.  Maria's sisters helped with the logistics of the event.  Then there is Julie.  She used to be their next door neighbor until she got married, but she now works for Zentangle, Inc as their computer tech, Mosaic go-to person, anything digital and she is there.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


 (only  3  days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Can't wait !!     :-)

Getting ready to go to Providence here.  Making all kinds of last minute preps.  Yesterday afternoon I took my wife in for her first Physical Therapy appointment since her accident where she broke her elbow.  Remember a couple weeks ago when she fell against the wall and went down and on her way down to the floor she broke her elbow?  She is doing a lot better now and finally able to do small things for herself, like opening small packages and some jars/ bottles, etc.  I still have to do some of those for her....while I am gone I am having to depend on our 20 year old daughter to help her mother get by.

I just saw today where TSA, airport security, is testing a new program where they will use fingerprint to ID people at the airport gates instead of a boarding pass.  But only in Denver and Atlanta, so I won't be involved in that mess.  I am going from here (Portland, Or) to Philadelphia and then on to Providence.  I just hope I can get my syringes, needles, and insulin drugs past TSA without them pulling me out of the line and delay me.  Oh well, such is life.  To quote one of my favorite Comedians,  "That's our lot in life; it's not a lot but its our life."           Phyllis Diller.

Be well, everyone.