Wednesday, August 30, 2017


TANGLE BLOG.......Where tangles live and play

This Blog is done by Duane Anderson, CERTIFIED ZENTANGLE TEACHER.  Want to attend a class in the Portland, OR metro area?  Call or email (look in my profile for email address and phone number).

Here I am again, midweek and posting again.  It's OK, I have more to show you that I have been working on:

I was working to improve my Bunzo presentation.

This is Drupe.

On Mosaic, my first comment on this was from Molly Hollibaugh saying it was "swirling fun".  It's one of her's...Molygon.

This one is a creation from Dolly Bolen CZT15 and is in honor of her husband who was a paratrooper in the Canadian Army.  She invited me (or rather challenged me) to take this one on to see how I would do it.  It was easy and fun to re-create it myself.  And I love helping to support Armed Forces personnel wherever they are.  I know what they go through in life of the Military since I am a 30 year veteran of the U.S. Navy.


  1. Bunso! The first tangle I ever learned, and I love how you've done it here! Way cool!