Tuesday, March 27, 2018


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DC 357
Yes, I am back and trying to get back in the saddle of the Zentangle "horse".  Sorry I have been gone so long.

Here is two tiles I did.  The bottom one I did then I watched Laura's video on how she did her's.  That inspired to try out more of a freehand version instead of the "vanilla" one I did with a new tangle flare that is Carol Ohl and her new tangle "Bumpadox".  She used only actual looking round bumps in hers, but I had to experiment with other shapes of bumps,  I'm like that I guess, gotta do things my own way since I am Bohemian of the original cloth.



  1. Good to 'see' you back here! Those tiles are very pretty!

  2. I like your freeform paradox pieces, they have personality. I read back through a couple of posts and I'm sorry you are having health issues. As you so rightly say, age has its drawbacks. I find the drawing helps.

    1. Thank you, Margaret for those words of encouragement for us "older but wiser" crowd. I like the drawing too.

  3. Hi Duane, thanks for your Nice comment af my blog. I was the last half year also not much on tangling, because we have bin in a great redecoration of our livingroom. Your tiles are great and the second One is very elegant and stole my heart💚

  4. Oh my gosh, these are both SO cool! I love that bumpadox...well done!

  5. Love where you went with your second Paradox tile. My father, an artist, was definitely a Bohemian. Much more artful than the usual hippie, but also a little maddening as he marched to his own drummer---the world be damned.

  6. Glad you are back with two wonderful tiles, keep on tangling and wish you a happy Eastern.