Monday, November 25, 2013

 Well, here I am again just drawing away and playing with some designs using Rick's Paradox.  I have been experimenting with different ways to present the drawings and the different ways of drawing it.  I have a couple new drawings with it and hope to get them on my blog...but first I need to get them scanned in on something so it becomes a file then I can transfer them here for you all to see.  The hardest part is getting them digitized.  When I have them I will get them case I don't see you until then, I wish all our great Zentangle people a very Happy Thanksgiving and also HAPPY TANGLING to all and to all a good night....oops, thats another holiday...oh well, it fits. Bye, bye for now.

....a bit later in the day:
I was able to digitize my drawing through my phone/camera SDI card to computer...the fancy computer age ways to do things just blows my mind...just think, when I was a teenager there was no desktop or laptop personal computers, no smart phone, or dumb ones either...(shaking my head)...anyway lets get my drawing on the page here:

I used Rick's Paradox in various positions and direction.  If you want to see it more closely just click on the drawing and it should make it bigger for you.  I also use another form of Rick's Paradox to make the outside border using a form of B'twixt. I just went out and experimented with it for making it larger on your screen, just click the drawing it gets as big as your screen, then just click outside the picture and it will go back.


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    1. thank you Diane.....ever noticed our names are quite similar? Take out the i in your name and substitute the second letter in my name and you my name