Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Welcome to Duane's Drawings Blog page.......Where Zentangles live...                          

  (only 127 days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Yaaaaaaaay).

I just finished improving a tile of a tangle that I just did for the Monday challenge of the Diva's weekly challenge. This is an update to that, doing things just a little bit different and extra.  I have become really infatuated with this Hamadox tangle by Diane Schreur which combines Hamail and Paradox.  I just can't stop working with this tangleation.  It's got me hooked !!

I have added some extra lines on each petal; aura lines, I guess they are called in Zentanglese.  I auraed each petal and did two extra auras around the whole tangle.  Seems to give the completed tangle something extra and gives depth to it, I think.  I also shaded all the petals outside of the Paradox area and left Paradox more white to shine through to emphasize that it's there. I also added 4 "handles" (if you will) made using Betweed.


  1. Both of your Hamadox are terrific Duane!

  2. This is lovely! So flowing and light. I especially love the auras!

  3. A wonderful Hamadox with these petals and aura's!

  4. Fun to see the differences in your two tiles as you experiment with hamadox! Both are lovely. I like how you added the "handles" in this piece. It grounded the main hamadox and your aura lines add to the organic feel of the tangle. It's exciting to see that before you know it you'll be heading to CZT seminar! Congratulations... you will have the time of your life!