Thursday, March 16, 2017

WELCOME TO DUANE'S DRAWINGS, ZENTANGLE BLOG.......Where Zentangles live...           

 (only 93 days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Can't wait !!     :-)

  Here is my entry for MadebyJoey's weekly challenge (# 156) for this week, sorry, I'm late with it.
Since there were so many tangles starting with K, I decided to draw them in my sketchbook so I could do so many more than on my tiles.  I have the letter K done in Kuzek (I wrote these on the page, but I don't think they can be seen in this picture), I have Kuke at the top, Kollide, Knot Rickz, and Kiss as was done by Joey to start all this.  On the first leg of the K, I was trying to do Kuzek, but instead I kept drawing Cadent (by habit).  They are so similar.

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  1. Always nice to explore new tangles and me to, sometimes draw Kuzek instead of Cadent, it happens all the time, but these are no mistakes, I call them variations. I didn't know Kollide but it looks very nice!