Monday, May 15, 2017


 (only 32 days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Can't wait !!     :-)

Ok, here we go for another week.  This one is not going to be so CRAZY, I just know it.  (I hope).  My wife is improving...still in a cast and arm sling but she is now doing many things for herself instead of calling me for every little thing.  I even get full nights sleep now.  Tomorrow we go to her surgeon for her first after- operation check up.  At that meeting we will see what more is going on, if anything.

Now, down to the week's #316 Diva Challenge.  It's a "Stripe Thing"  this week.  Anything goes stripes.

I consider all of these tangles to be stripes.

The Tangles used here are:  Hurry, Hollibaugh, Bunzo, Lightning Bolt, Maryhill, and the boarder is done in Emingle.


  1. I like this zendala you created! Good that your wife is a bit better now!

  2. Those tangles are drawn very nice and I like your composition.
    This challenge can be interpreted in different ways: drawing stripes and fill with tangles or as you did draw tangles with stripes. Both are O.K.
    Nice to hear your wife is a bit better, me to feels already better after my knee operation.

  3. Glad to hear that your wife is getting along better. Fun and interesting way to do this challenge.

  4. A great and creative interpretation of the challenge. Wonderful!

  5. One thing nice about challenges and Zentangle is that we get to do it anyway that suits us. Sometime I don't read the directions very clearly and do something totally different. I blame it on my age, LOL! Your tile is beautifully done and very creative. Glad your wife is improving!

  6. Olá Duane,
    Eu amo essa arte, tenho me divertido muito desenhando paredes, utensílios e telas.
    Para mim é um hobby delicioso e aqui venho aprender com você.
    Desejo melhoras a sua esposa e um lindo final de semana para vocês.

  7. Great interpretation of the Diva challenge!

  8. I'm glad to hear that your wife is on the mend. That's always good news. Your tile is a wonderful interpretation of the challenge and is beautifully done. I think you did it just fine! Thank you for sharing.