Friday, June 9, 2017


 (only 7 days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Can't wait !!     :-)

Hi everyone, I am sorry for not having displayed tiles for the last couple weeks.  Things have gotten crazy here with making preparations for my trip to Rhode Island, getting suit cases out of storage, cleaning them up, having to research how much I can take with me and how much they can weigh as well as having to take measurements of the suit cases because you are only allowed certain size and weight.  I remember when you could take up to four or five cases for free.  Now its one case checked and one carry-on, and one medical bag (for those of us old people who need to take medicines and equipment -- I am diabetic, have a ton of pills I take everyday, and I have sleep apnea (my body forgets to breathe when I sleep) so I have a CPAP machine to breathe through to make sure I get the right amount of air at night.  
My wife, a few weeks ago, managed to fall in the house, hit the hallway wall with her body and broke her elbow.  She was in a cast for several weeks and the doctor did have to operate on her elbow to put the bones back together after she shattered one of them (she now has titanium screws in her elbow to hold it together).  So with that in play, I have had to keep up the housework....ALL of the housework...yes, I DO cook and clean (not many husbands to that anymore -- I was trained by my Dad to do those things when I was still living in my parents house).  Good training, I have used it many times over in my life.  Also, being a retired Navy man, I was trained in the cleaning skills while on active duty many years ago.

So off to Providence, RI in a week.  I will be off the Diva's challenges for a few weeks.  When you all see my work again, I will be a trained CZT.

Love to all my Zentangle family out there.


  1. Have an amazingly fantastic time! I look forward to hearing ALL about it, and seeing what you create! Blessings! Take care!

  2. Duane, I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time. I am glad that you are able to go the training and just KNOW that you will love it. One day I hope to be able to go as well. Take notes and pictures and let us all see all the fun you had!

  3. Thanks, Everyone, I appreciate all the encouragement you give.

  4. Olá Duane,
    Estou feliz por sua presença nesse curso e estou ansiosa pelas novidades que você vai trazer, eu que sempre aprendi com você a técnica Zentangle estou ansiosa para aprender mais.
    Beijos pra você e sua esposa que o Senhor continue os abençoando.

  5. I do hope you'll have a fantastic time!!!! I'm sure you will tell us all about it later :-)