Monday, November 18, 2013

                                                Hello to Zentangle

Hello and welcome to my very new (and first time) blog.  I am very interested in a new artform called Zentangle and have been drawing the Zentangle designs just as fast as I can learn them AND retain them in my brain for about a year now.  I have several sketchbooks full of Zentangle's designs mixed with some crazy ones of my own.  If you are reading this then you must be interested in Zentangle as well as me and most likely know more than I do about it.  It is a fun and calming way to express my art and enjoy calming, relaxing creating art.  I have been drawing only for the last 5 years when I discovered, after my retirement, that I could draw, even a little bit.  All my life I have at various times tried to draw things that never worked out and just figured I was artless.  Suddenly I am not and I started exploring pencil drawing.  I love pencil drawing and drawing in the graphite world since my color vision is almost totally gone.  I can see a few colors but not much.  So I enjoy the various shades of gray and really like it.  I have learned to draw portraits and have been doing that almost extensively until I met Zentangle...and now I am hooked on the Zentangle artform and love to see what I can create on a daily basis.

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