Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    Hey there, I am the newbie (that's me) and I'm back.  Yes I am here with another day's worth of experience in Zentangle.  I am working on learning just how to create another cool drawing of the Rick's Paradox kind.
 It is the one that shows up on zentangle.com in the slide show on their main screen.  I really like the paradox and all the variations that can be created from that general idea.  I have found many really cool creations when it is worked differently than just the standard version.  Start it differently, and it results in a different design.  I also like to do the B'tweed and B'twixt design as well.  I have found if you make the begining lines slightly curved then the resulting design is curved to give it a more 3 dimensional look about it.

In another area, I just wanted to share that I have now received yet another great Zentangle book.  It is The Beauty of Zentangle purchased at Amazon.com...they have so much zentangle items there in books and supplies; its mind-blowing just how much they have.  This book is
 by Design Originals; Suzanne McNeill and Cindy Shepard both CZT's.  It is loaded with 137 great tangles and designs from all around the world.

  I would love to make the trip back east to Rick and Maria's place to become a CZT, but just can't afford the trip's expenses.

Well, enough of all this, I am currently working on the new tangle that just came out and is called Quib (I think) and I would like to finish a tile to enter into the Diva's weekly challenge.  So, I am off to do that and will write some more tomorrow.  Bye for now.

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