Saturday, February 18, 2017

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 (only 119 days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Yaaaaaaaay).

For those of you who share a liking for Sushi, I took my family out the other night and grabbed a couple of pics of some of it (actually, very little of it.)  I grabbed these pics as a last minute thing remembering what Holly told me that she likes Sushi.  But even for those who don't like or are allergic to shellfish; Sushi is still very good, just don't order shell fish.  Lots of items on the menu are cooked and NOT shellfish.  Actually, my wife doesn't go for Sushi like myself or my daughter does.  We practically raised our daughter at our favorite Sushi place in town, she is now 20 and, of course, loves Sushi.  I got an appreciation for it while serving in the Navy in and around Japan for a number of years.  Let me know what you think, Holly.


  1. YUMMY! They all look very tasty! Our family also ADORES sushi... it's something that our 20 and (nearly) 30 year old daughters regularly request for dinner when they're home. We frequent our favorite local sushi place so often that they named a roll after me! Now after looking at your photos... guess what I'm in the mood for?! 😊

  2. And this was only a small portion of what we each of takes one plate off the conveyor belt we eat it and then go after another, so there never is a bunch of food on the table that is not being eaten and only the plates are left. I should have taken more pictures around the restaurant so you can get the idea there are a lot more dishes of food about. I like the hand rolls with salmon or tuna in them with there's yummy. I also like what our place calls a Philly Roll. Its got smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber all wrapped up in a roll of rice then sliced into small slices. When they get it done, it reminds me of bird poop, the way bird poop looks like when it goes splat on the pavement...well guess what I ask for, you got it "Bird Poop" and the chefs know what I mean..we have been going there for so long they know what we want as soon as we walk in. Ahhhh, the little things in life...