Monday, February 20, 2017

WELCOME TO DUANE'S DRAWINGS, ZENTANGLE BLOG.......Where Zentangles live...           

 (only 117 days left until Providence, RI for CZT #28.  Yaaaaaaaay).

SPOILER ALERT!!!   This is my new tool that arrived this week from Danette Smith, who makes these.  I saw it on Holly's page (ha! Designs) and knew that I had to have one.  The round table portion rotates, so no more turning my tile while I work; I just turn the round portion which is mounted on ball bearings making it effortless.  All the tiles I worked on this week were done on this Table Top Easel.  This is GREAT.  :-)  (Duane is smiling).   And YES !  I will be taking this with me to Providence, RI in June for CZT Training.

This tile was made for the "Made by Joey" weekly challenge and it has several tangles in it:  Hatch Patch; Half Onions; Heart Box; Heart Strings; Heart Vine; Hurry; Hollibaugh; Hibred; Hugs and Kisses; and Hopscotch.  This week the challenge is to do tangles in the H's on the tangle list.  So I tried to squeeze in as many as would fit on the tile.

These tiles are other ones that I worked on this past week just playing around with some tangles.
Betweed, Gnarly, Cadent, Nippa, ing.
Crescent Moon; Icanthis; Knight's Bridge; Garlic Cloves; Ginilli; Gourdgeous; Tipple; D'Rua

These darn pics just won't go where I tell them to go using the blogspot tool to position them.  That's ok, though, I have my new Easel to work on and that is so awesome.


  1. I like your experiments, particularly your Shattuck.

  2. Hi Duane! You had asked me on my Google photos page what has happened to the Diva Challenge today. Sometimes life gets a little crazy and it puts a "blip" in the Diva challenge. Sadly it is quite often because Artoo is sick and/or in hospital. (There is also a day delay on Canadian holidays) I'm hoping it's not anything serious today! She should be posting tonight or tomorrow morning, and bring us up to date. BTW... Terrific tiles! Love your Shattuck! :)

    1. I totally forgot that it would be Family Day in Saskatchewan yesterday! In British Columbia where I live, we are the only province in Canada that celebrates Family Day the week before! Have fun with the Diva challenge this week! :)

  3. Love ALL of your tiles that you are showing today, but I must admit that I am very jealous of your new drawing tool. I may have to scrape together the funds to get one of these since the arthritis in my hands some days doesn't allow me to draw much if I have to move my hand much. Congrats on the tool, and thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

  4. Hi Duane, you make me jealous with this wonderful tool. I think this is wonderful to work on? I'm gonna try to find such a thing in Europe (when it comes from another continent, costs are very high.)
    The tiles you show us, look very good and I like your Wayboptile, because it is always special to transform a bit the original tangle and you did that very nice on this 3Z tile.

  5. Hi Duane,
    I love the tiles, you present us erery week.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. YAYYYYY! I am so happy that you received your easel and that you are enjoying it! It's hard to imagine creating without it now, isn't it?! Your tiles are wonderful! I particularly adore the shattuck one... such lovely, delicate line art!