Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Done by Duane Anderson, CERTIFIED ZENTANGLE TEACHER.  Want to attend a class?  Call or email (look in my profile).

Welcome to my blog page.  I am depositing here my offering for the Diva Challenge #326.  I am doing so while trying out the new TranZending technique with a Z over the required 'nzeppel tangle only I did it on a Bijou tile, but after cropping and aligning my photo, it looks like a regular sized tile.

The colors used were black on the 'nzeppel tangle with shading and the Z is made with brown ink.  To get the tranzending effect, I shaded the right side of  each line and white charcoal on the left of each line to get the opaque look.  It is meant to appear kind of ghostly and transparent as if floating over the background.  If you haven't tried this technique, you should to see what kind of effects can be generated.  I use a block letter Z here but you can make anything to be the transparent piece.
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I added this tile after I wrote my original entry but is something I created today with some new methods I learned at CZT training last month and I was trying them out.  I think they came off pretty good.  So you can pass judgement on this one too and tell me if you like it.

I used Printemps, Beelight, Noom repus, Tripoli, and Marasu.  I did this one on a standard 3.5" tile.


  1. This new Tranzending technique looks great but (for me) it seems not easy to draw.
    Well done Duane and thank you for describing how you received this transpararent result!

  2. Guess I will have to find out more about this technique, Duane. I don't have the app though. It's interesting.

  3. I need to study up on the tranzending technique. One of the things I enjoy about Zentangle is that there are always new techniques to learn. It is an interesting way of making a monotangle more interesting. I like the 3 dimensionality of your second tile.

  4. Thanks you for sharing that technique with us!!! I like that tile a lot.