Sunday, July 30, 2017


Done by Duane Anderson, CERTIFIED ZENTANGLE TEACHER.  Want to attend a class?  Call or email (look in my profile for address).

Hello again, everyone...glad to see you all here.  This is Diva Challenge #327 featuring Henrike Bratz's tangle, Lisbon Fragment and Laura's Diva Dance as our challenge for this week.
This is a combination of tangles for the challenge.  As instructed, I used Lisbon Fragment and Diva Dance ( Foxtrot and Rock 'n' Roll), I also added some Cyme, Munchin, and Flux.

I have been making a lot of tiles getting ready for a city street event in September in Tigard, Oregon.  I will have a 10 x 10' space to put up my canopy, tables, chairs in and I will be working on Tangling and answering questions and hopefully signing people up for a class.  I want to have a bunch of tiles made up so that, if people are so inclined, they can purchase them from me.  So here are a bunch of tiles I have started doing this past week.  I know these are not that many but, if I work on it every spare minute I have, then I should have enough to do business with.  Problem is, I have to not only draw them....first I have to think them up and design what will go together well enough to catch people's eye.
This is on a "note card" sized tile.... 4.5 x 5 inch which provides a bit more room to draw in.

This is a "TranZending" type of presentation.
This one is sort of duplicated.  I drew this again but on 3.5" tile.  The other one was done on a Bijou tile and I lost it since it was so small.  The Bijou sized of this was posted last week in the Diva Challenge.


  1. oooo. lovely work =). I really liked this "tranZending" look.

    1. Thank you, rainbows and raindrops, for your comment. If you want some instruction on how to do TranZending, let me know by email ( and I will give you the low-down on how it works.

  2. Olá meu querido amigo,
    Lindos trabalhos e inspiradores, te desejo muito sucesso.
    Amo quando você compartilha sua arte.
    Desejo-lhe dias inspiradores,
    beijos para você e sua esposa,

  3. None of my Google comments have worked this week, hopefully this does! Great work this week Duane I hope you have a wonderful time in September!

  4. Wow Duane, you did some wonderful things. I'm sure people will stop and have a look at those beautiful tiles!

  5. Nice work. You really seemed to get the hang of Lisbon fragment. I found this one challenging. I even practice it, which I rarely do.