Monday, December 2, 2013


Happy Monday to all.  Hope all is well after the T-day festivities and that your cholesterol didn't go up because of it.  I worked on learning new tangles and experimenting with ones that were new to me with the help of my ebook by Linda Farmer, Tanglepatterns Guide.  I just love that book; best thing I ever bought, I refer to it on a daily basis since I received it.

And here is a new tile I worked up while working on calming down after dealing with my young teenager (16 yr old girl) you might guess I need the zen in Zentangle to get rid of all that bad juju after dealing with her:

Here is something I worked up yesterday after looking at a lot of tangle patterns to see what I wanted to play with so hope you all like it.


  1. I like both of your tiles very much. You did a great job with the challenge this week.