Tuesday, December 3, 2013


               --"TANGLING, THE HEART OF ZENTANGLE WORK FOR BOTH THE ARTIST AND THE OBSERVER OF ART"--.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Duane Anderson.

I really like making up tiles that use the traditional Zentangle patterns or designs in them.  They usually bring out what the artist is thinking while working on them.

Speaking of tangling patterns; here is my submission of this week's challenge from the Diva. I AM #3 ON THE DIVA'S LINKY MACHINE FOR THIS WEEKLY CHALLENGE #147:

Somehow, I seem to always make my challenge submission with a "Z" as the theme...wonder how that happens.  No, really, I didn't plan on that coming out that way, it just seems to surface as I work on it.


  1. I do like that you used a "traditional" Zentangle approach to this tile. They always look good and yours looks great. Nice tile.

  2. Snazzy! Themes are good, when I started tangling spirals were my favourite shape.

  3. Duane, l like your tile. Don't fret over the "Z", it is so common to start out that way. I have a habit of making curves for my string.

  4. So, you're not alone with the Z string. Your tile is beautiful.

  5. I like the different variations you have used with each change of direction on your "z". Lovely tile :)